On the brow of a hill in one of America's quintessential western towns is a fine big house. The setting, and perhaps in some way the reason, for the story you're about to hear, the secret that lay behind it. Afro dating not for its wide, sweeping driveway, its swimming pool, its glorious views across the valley, to the river, to the town, to the mountains beyond -- and its hefty monthly payment -- would any of this have happened? And people were coming and going. Paige is the woman gradn lived here with her three ggrand.

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Keith Morrison: I assume he's denied any responsibility. We were going to have a picnic and hang out together, all day. And of course, when the call came, that moment that upended everything, it was long distance. Then you're with her you feel like you're the only person in the room. Could that have been placed by Paige as a trail? IE 11 is not supported.

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She did not want the chance that he might have part custody of the children. It certainly appears to be an arson and probably done in a way to try to destroy evidence. Lisa, in her statement, calls it kidnapping.

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A detective named David Duncan, had once actually hired Jones as a mechanic. Andrea Land: She's got such a bubbly personality and every time she shows up it's you know all the kids in tow and ttop really excited to see you and hear how things have been going in your life.

Police probe of client list kept by missing Colorado mom may shed light on case. Sarah slutty lady

But, at the same time, I realize this is a single parent who is trying to do the parent thing, and had a lot of balls in the air, trying to meet those ends. But people here in Grand Junction certainly remembered Dixon. On the brow of a hill Looking to Hillsboro with a female one of America's quintessential western towns is a fine big house.

Ron Beigler: She called me before I got home to see if I made it back into Denver and then we had a brief conversation, you know not too brief but, and, I expected to hear from her later that night, after she got home.

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But where? To be a mom and to have her kids around her.

Stanley Hilkey : Lester Ralph Jones. And you know, New Ravinia adult xxx theaters a mom with three kids that's missing. Andrea Land: We were in the kitchen and I looked at her and I said, "Don't you ever just want to--" and she finished my sentence and said, "Run away? Could it have blown out a vehicle going down the road, gramd

He, after the breakup of their marriage, stayed single. Tpo is fairly close to Paige's house and we have a group that is coming in.

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And yet she walked in perfectly healthy, Belgium dating sites the best I can see. Even though, by then, searchers were not at all confident that to; were looking for a person who was still alive. But something bad must have happened.

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Stanley Hilkey : Well, Paige Birgfeld's still missing and there's pieces Late night hook up w older Brazil guy the puzzle yet that we have yet to find. People don't want other people to know that they're either patrons of a business like that or they're involved in a business like that so, and, that's exactly how it panned out.

And rather than stew and worry about that mortgage, Paige launched businesses to pay it. Paiges's Parents : I felt Uunction would be home within a day or two. Stanley Hilkey : From the time she left her first ex-husband up in Eagle County on that Thursday to the time that she drove back down here, a lot of what we used in the very first part of the case were telephone records.

Andrea Land: There was a small judgmental faction of people in town that I would say that just didn't approve, it seemed like the turnout slowed down for a while. Besides, as the sheriff soon discovered, Dixon's legal troubles had not been confined to financial issues. Who's leaving her messages.

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Paige's children, occupied with god knows what terrors, had their escor at least -- for now. Stanley Hilkey: We knew that it would add complexity because a lot of escort type businesses or whatever are going to be activities that are kept secret. He would break furniture and break doors. She's-- she's just amazing. Paige is a very fun person to be around.

Holiday Inn & Suites Grand Junction-Airport Sarah slutty lady

It Turner ME housewives personals very familiar and I brought some pictures, you know. It was somewhat akin to her having a drape on part of her life, that we were unaware of. And they would go again and again and again. Could it be placed there by a suspect as a diversion? Paige's Parents : Quite honestly, she jew afraid.