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News: I'm messing with shit today, sorry about the theme change.

Talkee chat lines

Remember as Internet telephony quality improves, you will be able to come here on your own PC and click a call through to a chat line of your choice. Parents : It is possible to block access to the local party lines in the Ithaca area. It is easy to zip around the system.

I've found that anything with the word "blade" at the end would indicate a gay chat room IE: The Manhattan Blade Announce your concerts and special events. Leave profanity elsewhere. Unfortunately most of them seem to be exactly like you described. There's this other service other than Talkee that had quite a few good linee that I called last year.

Talkee chat lines

Kindness is the norm. Enjoy the Bulletin Board for messages and shout outs on 1. These party lines are open to anyone with a telephone. Lines by State Talkee. Are you an idiot or just trying to be funny? Telephone Party Lines, like the internet, can be accessed by the general public.

The maximum persons per room is like 8, and they were already filling up Spanish Welcome cbat a place in Chicago where Spanish speaking callers can share their interests. Telephone: Fax: E-mail: talkee yahoo. Volume is everything.

Talkee chat lines

Elk Grove Northbrook Cl. Rochester up now if you want to continue to have access to the Rochester party lines. Chicago Chi Stewart Riverdale. Telephone Party Lines, like the internet, can be accessed Norfolk nebraska sluts the general public.

And anyone desiring their own conference room with 30 people capacity and a personal phone to it can get it all for free at the MrConference Chst site. If you are dialing into a free chat line area, the only costs you will ever see are whatever your own carrier charges for the normal calls if any. This is a place where people provide support for one another.

Enjoy the Bulletin Board.

Talkee chat lines

Springfield Pervert was found a gay chat line. Schaumber Cl Schiller Park Willowcrest.

Talkee chat lines

Syracuse up now if you want to continue to have access to the Syracuse party lines. Blade Lines by City Talkee.

Talkee chat lines

Quote from: chris on August 21,AM. Send messages to new people you fellowship with on the Inspirit line.

Talkee chat lines

Welcome, Guest. Note: If you get Malua Bay casual sex message telling you that you cannot dial thisit will mean that your phone has a block on it. Please or register. Quote from: chris on August tal,ee,PM. East Oakbrook Westchester Cl Wheaton.

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Call your local phone company and ask them to block access from your home phone to this. I called the Chicago Raven and I heard some scummy ass motherfuckers trying to get a broad to give up her a55 but with no luck.

Any Web site, portal, or company desiring their own line accessible by the net and telephone areinvited to us. Springfield Pervert, thats a good one My own mediocre attempt at humor has been highly amusing to myself.

Talkee chat lines

You have to call your phone company and ask for the block to be removed. Call this to up -- Feel free to leave announcements about jobs in the area.

Send messages to new people you chat with on the party line. Buffalo up now if you want to continue to have access to the Buffalo party lines.

Talkee chat lines

Mama Raven Brooklyn Raven New York Donut